EDIT: This blog post comes unedited from my (now nonexistent) Wordpress blog. Pictures have not been included, however.

I forgot how annoying Git and GitHub can be sometimes… It has been years since I have last had a major problem, and most of the time it could all be fixed with a simple re-cloning of the project. This time was different.

I attempted to make a simple website for my university’s robotics team, more for fun than for any useful reason. All was going well and I had learned of this amazing thing static site generator called Hexo. At least it was going well until I was not able to switch branches. From there, I tried everything I could to switch between branches. I finally was able to by deleting the whole repository and starting over from scratch. Git: 1. Me: 0.

My goal for tonight is to go to bed by 12:30, and I have until then to find a better static site solution for GitHub Pages or figure out how to get Hexo working. Wish me luck!