EDIT: This blog post comes unedited from my (now nonexistent) Wordpress blog. Pictures have not been included, however.

I spent my free time today studying either for my Physics II midterm or going through Learn Python the Hard Way. I went to bed, content with my progress. When I woke up around midnight, I thought “Maybe I should do a few more Python exercises.” I just looked at the clock and wow did time go by.

In other news, though, I have kind of figured out how to do multiple windows in Emacs. You make two windows by using C-x 2. Then you can switch between windows using C-x o. To make the current window the only open one, use C-x 1. To kill a buffer, use C-x k. To open a buffer, use C-x b [name of buffer].

I also learned that M-x shell and M-x term can be used to open up a shell in Emacs, so now I don’t have to have multiple terminals open. I am slowly working my way up the Emacs learning curve…