EDIT: This blog post comes unedited from my (now nonexistent) Wordpress blog. Pictures have not been included, however.

I took a break from Java (as I am already very familiar with the language) to take a look at some Python today. As I am not familiar with Python in any sense, I decided to take a crash course in Python through codecademy.com. From there, the plane was to find a pdf of a Python textbook and start to read through it a bit at a time. That was the plan until I got distracted by a realisation: Python could be the new LISP.

After a quick Google search, I discovered that I was not the only one that shared the sentiment. It was this moment that I fell in love with Python. I am not a great LISP programmer. I am not even a mediocre one. I barely can write a simple program, but I love the potential that it has and the freedom I feel when I am working with it. Finding a programming language that has a similar freedom felt amazing. That is, until Ruby came along.

I am now back to a debate that I was aware of years ago: Python vs Ruby. To be continued eventually.