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I am a first-year medical student at Penn State just trying to stay afloat. At the moment, I am undecided on a specialty, but I am leaning towards emergency medicine or surgery. My past medical experiences includes volunteering as an emergency medical technician and training as an emergency department technician.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering from The George Washington University in 2019. Some of my areas of interest included embedded control systems, medical innovation, digital design, and video game design. My past engineering experiences including being the co-president and control systems lead for my university’s robotics team and mentoring FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the DMV area.

On my free time, I like to watch anime, play guitar, and play video games. I’ve been playing guitar casually since 2nd grade, and I can attest from first-hand experience that Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour rule” is not a blanket statement. I livestream all of these things to some capacity on Twitch.

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Breaking the Chains #6 - Goodbye, Facebook

tl;dr I’m getting off Facebook. Scroll to the bottom for other ways to reach me. In four days, I will be deleting my Facebook as part of my year-long journey in taking back what little digital privacy I still can. As with all privacy and security related topics for my New Year’s resolution, there has to be a blog post about it so that people can follow along on their own journey. Read more...

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I am available as a freelance developer if you need code for a project. I am also available for technical consultation! Feel free to connect with me using any of the links below.